The desire to grow, continuously improve and establish ourselves on the market has led us to this new milestone: an in-house production line for shower trays, manufactured in our factory in Rodengo Saiano - Brescia.


The Stone shower tray is made of a material composed of calcium carbonate and resin, coated with Gelcoat ISO-NPG and is manufactured in five stages:

  1. GELCOAT : Gelcoat is sprayed into the mould, giving the shower tray greater resistance to shocks and scratches. The Gelcoat is dried by irradiation.
  2. CASTING : The homogeneous mass of resin and calcium carbonate is poured into the mould. The mixture in the dish is free of air bubbles as the casting plant works in a vacuum. No bubbles means no imperfections. 
  3. DRYING / EXTRACTION / DEBONDING: After an hour of drying on rollers, the plate is removed from the mould and placed in the deburring island. 
  4. POST AND CURING: The plates undergo a stabilisation cycle. This process completes the catalysing process guaranteeing perfect flatness of the product before it is packaged. 
  5. PACKAGING: Packaging, storage and transport take place horizontally.


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Let's discover the main features of the tray  

The ultra-flat Stone shower tray, with stone effect texture, is available in 33 sizes and 5 finishes:

FINITUREGriglia INOXThe shower tray is supplied with a stainless steel cover grid, but it is possible to order the grid in a finish to match the colour of the shower tray.


GRIGLIATo match the style of any bathroom, installation can be either flush or countertop. 


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