The desire to grow, continuously improve and establish ourselves on the market has led us to this new milestone: an in-house production line for shower trays, manufactured in our factory in Rodengo Saiano - Brescia.


The Stone shower tray is made of a material composed of calcium carbonate and resin, coated with Gelcoat ISO-NPG and is manufactured in five stages:

  1. GELCOAT : Gelcoat ISO-NPG is sprayed into the mould, giving the shower tray greater resistance to shocks and scratches. It is then dried by means of heating lamps. 
  2. CASTING : The homogeneous mass of resin and calcium carbonate is poured into the mould. The material is solid and not gaseous thanks to special vacuum cleaners that do not allow air bubbles to form. (vacuum process). No bubbles means no imperfections. 
  3. DRYING / EXTRACTION / DEBURRING: After an hour of drying on rollers, the plate is extracted from the mould by suction cups and placed on a table for manual deburring (perfectly finished on all sides). 
  4. POST - CURING: The plates are placed in an oven at 50° for 4 hours. This process speeds up drying in a linear position and stabilises the product. 
  5. PACKAGING: Packaging, storage and transport take place horizontally. 


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Let's discover the main features of the tray  

The ultra-flat Stone shower tray, with stone effect texture, is available in 27 sizes and 5 finishes:

FINITUREGriglia INOXThe shower tray is supplied with a stainless steel cover grid, but it is possible to order the grid in a finish to match the colour of the shower tray.


GRIGLIATo match the style of any bathroom, installation can be either flush or countertop. 


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