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Details? They make all the difference. In each room of the house, it is the accessories that reveal the most about the personality and taste of the people who live there. This is also true in the bathroom. The layout, brightness and sanitary fixtures form the main architecture, but it is the accessories that give the room its personality and flair.

When it comes to choosing bathroom accessories, you can indulge in shapes, materials and types of your choice. However, you must never forget to coordinate them with each other and, more generally, with the aesthetic styling of the bathroom, to achieve a harmonious and tidy result. Depending on the style - whether modern, retro, classic, zen, romantic or industrial - the bathroom accessories must be coordinated, accentuating its characteristics, with carefully balanced shapes and colours.

Bathroom accessories: the must-haves

When we talk about bathroom accessories, what exactly do we mean? These are all the functional elements that embellish the bathroom but which are not structural. There are three areas we can identify:  

Washbasin area

Soap dispensers or soap dishes and toothbrush holders are essential in the washbasin area, while hooks, towel rails and possibly a waste basket must be provide at the side. The dispenser, soap dish and toothbrush holder set is very important because it is used several times a day and is very visible. Since these objects need to be cleaned frequently, attention must be paid to the material. From an aesthetic perspective, the three objects must be coordinated to avoid disharmony. 

Shower / bathtub area

Bath or shower accessories include towel or bathrobe holders, as well as shampoo or shower gel dispensers, support rails, and mats for use after coming out of the shower.

Toilet area

The two essential accessories are the toilet roll holder and the toilet brush. A bathroom waste bin can also be placed next to the toilet. 

Some suggestions. The first consideration is whether to opt for a no-drill bathroom accessory set. The advantages are obvious, but this does not always guarantee the best aesthetic effect. Starting with the towel holder, which can also be a floor stand, but the most practical and space-saving solution is the wall-mounted type. The same applies to the toilet stand, which can incorporate both the toilet brush and the toilet roll holder: a solution worth considering before installing a wall-mounted toilet roll holder. 

Remember too that repurposed items can also have a place in the bathroom, such as a wooden or wrought iron ladder that can become a towel holder, or a vintage tin box that gains a new lease of life as a container. 

Styles and materials

As with any other element in the home, when it comes to bathroom accessories we have a wide choice of styles and materials. Let’s start with materials, which - even more than in other situations - must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical to clean. From coloured plastic to steel or wrought iron, from classic ceramic to natural materials such as stone (including marble) and wood, each bathroom’s personality can also be created by the choice of accessories. 

For a classic bathroom, steel and ceramics are suitable choices, while for a room with a vintage flavour you can opt for wrought iron (the refinement of this material can also provide an attractive contrast in a modern bathroom). A room with a green flavour and which also pays particular attention to touch sensations can be enhanced with objects made of stone and wood.  

An ultra-modern bathroom requires designer bathroom accessories and cannot do without steel chrome. Suitable solutions can also be found in glass, crystal or ceramic. Plastic, on the other hand, provides excellent functionality (also for ease of cleaning), which is why it is so successful: if coloured, it can add a touch of pop to your bathroom.

Lights and mirrors

Bathroom accessories also include lights and mirrors, essential objects for personal care. These two elements often play off each other. This is the case of the main mirror, placed above the vanity top: the lights can be incorporated, even as a frame (LED).

Or in the case of design mirror lamps, they can be dual use. Lighting is also a fundamental aspect and deserves careful study. A relaxing, diffuse light is needed, but it also needs to be reinforced in certain strategic points, especially the vanity top and the shower area or bathtub. 

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